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How to Keep Your Body Happy
The Basics of Vegetarian Cooking
Vegetarian Recipe of the Month

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The Basics of Vegetarian Cooking

Having on hand what you need when you need it is the key ingredient in preparing a quick & easy meal. Here are a few basic “musts” for your vegetarian kitchen. There are many more listed in Vegetarian Meals for People On-the-Go . These are for starters.


A wheat-free soy sauce without artificial preservatives. Read your labels carefully, as there are bottles boldly labeled tamari that are actually soy sauce, or shoyu. Check the ingredients to see if wheat or preservatives are present.
Whole Sea Salt
Whole sea salt differs from regular commercial table salt in that it comes from seawater that has been vacuum dried and thus retains all the seawater minerals. This is not true of commercial table salt. Whole sea salt is not white, but is slightly grey in color.
Nutritional Yeast
Don’t confuse this with baker’s yeast or Brewer’s yeast, which have a completely different texture, flavor, and chemical composition. Nutritional yeast has a delightfully nutty flavor, and can be sprinkled over steamed veggies, salads, popcorn---you name it. It’s also loaded with vitamin B-12.


Apple Cider Vinegar
This is the only vinegar that aids digestion; all other vinegars interfere with the digestive processes. In Vegetarian Meals for People On-the-Go I devote many paragraphs detailing the findings of my research on the benefits of this marvelous, age-old healing tonic, and share countless recipes in which to use it.
Eggless Mayonnaise
Take ten minutes to make your own (recipe on page 122), or pick up a jar of Vegenaise(r), an eggless mayonnaise made with grapeseed oil that has a purple label. Vegenaise also puts out a mayonnaise made with canola oil, so read your labels carefully. I have come to call it Ca-no-no-no-la oil. Certainly not a healthful choice for the body. Go to the FAQ page for more information.
Many on the shelf these days. Read your labels carefully before you buy!
Go to the FAQ page for a detailed description.


Vegetarian Meals for People On-the-Go lists more than 25 herbs and suggest dishes in which each may be used. There is also a place for you to enter “My Favorite Uses,” as you discover your way through Herb Heaven!
Garlic, Anise, Dill, Oregano, Turmeric, Cardamom---the mouthwatering list goes on page after page.
Many pages are also devoted to nutritional information about NUTS, SEEDS, LEGUMES, and GRAINS---and luscious recipes to incorporate them effortlessly.