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Table of Contents
How to Keep Your Body Happy
The Basics of Vegetarian Cooking
Vegetarian Recipe of the Month

Vegetarian Meals for People On-the-Go is a vegetarian cookbook for very busy people who love good food but have little time to spend in the kitchen. A gift you'd be thrilled to give–and delighted to receive. Purchase your copy here.

Your handwriting can change your life...so can the way you eat
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Create healthful meals that are absolutely delicious

Get in and out of the kitchen in very little time

Learn how to stock your vegetarian cupboard

Learn hundreds of Tips & Shortcuts.

Learn simple ways to balance your diet for maximum health

Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for
survival on earth as much as the evolution of a vegetarian diet.
–Albert Einstein

The statistics are everywhere you look: on TV, in magazines, and in hundreds of books on diet and health. Even the “Four Basic Food Groups,” have been revised to 12...with vegetables & fruits occupying the most important part of the food pyramid.

Facts aside, the vegetarian cookbook Vegetarian Meals for People On-the-Go answers the question, HOW?


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